Population Of Corpus Christi | Corpus Christi Population 2019

Population Of Corpus Christi | Corpus Christi Population 2019:- Corpus Christi is a coastal city in the South of Texas. Corpus Christi’s population was estimated to be 325,947 in 2016, making it the 8th most populated city in Texas. Corpus Christi Port is the 5th largest in the U.S.

Corpus Christi’s name means Body of Christ in Latin. Corpus Christi name was given to the settlement and surrounding bay by Spanish explorer Alonso Álvarez de Pineda in 1519. The nickname of Corpus Christi is “Sparkling City by the Sea”, particularly featured in tourist literature. Stockton Population


Population Of Corpus Christi

Talking about the population of Corpus Christi, in order to check out the population of Corpus Christi in 2019, we need to have a look at the Populace of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  • 2014 – 320,863
  • 2015 – 324,795
  • 2016 – 325,947
  • 2017 – 325,373
  • 2018 – 326,554
  • Corpus Christi Population 2019 – 328,444 (Estimated)

Getting from the past data of the Corpus Christi from the year 2014-18, it has been seen that every year the population increases by 1890 people. Hence, the population of Corpus Christi in 2019 is forecasted to be 328,444.

Corpus Christi Population 2019 – 328,444 (Estimated)


Population Of Corpus Christi | Corpus Christi Population 2019



2010 Census

According to the 2010 Census, 305,215 people living in Corpus Christi, a 10.0% increase since 2000. In 2012, Corpus Christi was ranked as the 2nd least literate city in the United States in a study by Central Connecticut State University.

On 2010 Census, 80.9% of Corpus Christi’s people were White; 4.3% was African American; 1.8% Asian; 0.1% Pacific Islander; 10.4% of some other race; and 2.5% of two or more races. About 62.23% of Corpus Christi’s people were of Hispanic or Latino origin, of any race, and 33.3% of the people was non-Hispanic White, down from 56% in 1970. Corpus Christi had a population of 1,830/sq mi (710/km2).

63.10% of people speak only English, while 36.90% speak other languages. The non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by 34.32% of people.


2000 Census

According to the census of 2000, 277,454 people living in the city. The population density of Corpus Christi was 1,794.2 people per square mile (692.7/km2). The racial composition of Corpus Christi was 71.62% White, 4.67% African American, 0.64% Native American, 1.28% Asian, 0.08% Pacific Islander, 18.58% from other races, and 3.13% from two or more races. Hispanics of any race were 54.33% of the people.

In Corpus Christi For every 100 females, there were 95.6 males. In Corpus Christi, About 14.1% of families and 17.6% of the people were below the poverty line.


The majority of the people in Corpus Christi is employed in the services, wholesale and retail trades, and government sectors. Corpus Christi has an unemployment rate of 5.6% as of 2016.

The Port of Corpus Christi, which is the 5th largest U.S. port and It handles mostly oil and agricultural products. Much of the Corpus Christi economy is driven by tourism and the oil and petrochemicals industry. In 2005, Corpus Christi port was ranked as the 47th-largest in the world by cargo tonnage.

Corpus Christi is home to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi providing six thousand civilian jobs to the local economy, making it the single largest employer in Corpus Christi.

This City is the original home of the headquarters of Whataburger, a fast-food restaurant operator, however, the company relocated its headquarters to San Antonio in 2009. Other large employers include CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, the Corpus Christi Independent School District, H-E-B and Bay Ltd.

Corpus Christi became the 1st major city to offer citywide free wi-fi in April 2005. In 2007, the network was purchased by Earthlink for $5.5 million and stopped being a free service on May 2007.



According to the United States Census Bureau, Corpus Christi has a total area of 460.2 square miles, of which 154.6 mi2 (33.60%) are land and 305.6 mi2 (66.40%) are covered by water.

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